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Top foods to avoid with high blood pressure

by JCD Team
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High blood pressure has become a common issue in most of the people. Salt and sugar are the two main ingredients that you must have to consume in fewer amounts if you have high blood pressure. There are many foods containing salt and sugar that make blood pressure even worse. In this article, we have listed such top foods that you must need to avoid

Red meat

Read meat consists of Trans fats. Consumption of too much saturated and trans fats increases the level of LDL (bad) cholesterol in the body. This can make high blood pressure even worse. So stop consumption of red meats like mutton, beef, pork etc.


Consumption of limited amount of alcohol helps in reducing risk of getting heart disease. But too much alcohol can cause initial dehydration, weight gain, and as a result increase blood pressure.

Caffeinated beverages

Caffeine is not good for your heart and causes libido to come down. Due to consumption of caffeine, the adrenal glands may release excess adrenaline substances & cortisol. All these can cause a spike in blood pressure.

Canned Tomato Products

Tomato, pastes, sauces and ketchup contain high amount of salt. So avoid such foods and use fresh tomatoes on your dishes.

Packaged and Processed Meats

Prepackaged meats, sausages, hot dogs, contains high amount of sodium. As we know that high amount of sodium can cause rise in blood pressure. So avoid such type of foods


Cakes, doughnuts and cookies consist of fats along with sugar. The combination of fat and sugar may lead to gain of weight excessively. So try to consume these products in less amounts

Soft drinks

Soft drinks have nothing except sugar and calories. One soda can generally consists of above 8 teaspoons of sugar which is more than the recommended amount of sugar for men and for women


Salt is required to preserve any food. Salt can keep food edible for longer period by preventing the food from decaying. The longer the time you preserve any vegetables or liquids, the higher the sodium that they can pick up

Canned Soups

Canned soups are easy and simple to prepare. Soups are delicious whether you are running out of time or you are unwell. But these canned soups consists of high levels of sodium, so avoid such foods to stay healthy

Frozen Meals

Foods in free like chicken strips, pizzas, and individually frozen entrees contains with unnecessary ingredients and they also consists of sodium. So if you are suffering from high blood pressure, try to avoid such meals

Conclusion: These are the top foods that you must avoid if you have high blood pressure. A little change in diet can keep your blood pressure level in control

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