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How to stay healthy in monsoon | For healthy life

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With the onset of monsoons, there is a period of depression, which increases the risk of disease, climate indicates the rise of certain types of mosquitoes and can lead to various diseases and medical problems.

Pollution such as colds and hawk, heartburn problems, sensitivity are part of common medical problems. We find comfort in saying that these are due to climate change. Similarly, there are some different infections such as wild fever, dengue, typhoid, viral fever, conjunctivitis, gastrointestinal enlargement, pneumonia, and loose bowel.

Monsoon dietary rules according to Ayurveda.

Tips for a healthy lifestyle this monsoon

We can overcome such diseases during the fog that occurs when we can take some preventive measures and create a viable system. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items:

Diet: What not to avoid?

Apple Eat natural products such as apple, pomegranate, lime, banana, etc., so that your body is strong.

Take some water and fresh natural product juice to keep yourself hydrated. Heat your drinking water before drinking.

Substitute yogurt and almonds in your diet.

Eating nasty vegetables like neem and spices like neem can help with vegetative diseases.

Tea grown at home should be drunk in standard spreads as it has increased bactericidal properties. Teas such as jasmine tea, chamomile tea, or green tea enhance your protection against contamination.

Wheat, whole grains, horseradish, peas, and green leafy vegetables should be spent in the rain, as they are nutritious and solidify them.

To increase your inefficiency, include garlic in your diet, especially in soups.

Five things to make your monsoons fun and memorable!

Some dos

Wet If you are wet, wash quickly because water contains acid, which is destructive to the skin. It also protects you from pollution.

If you drink bubbling water, add 3-4 drops of chloride to a liter of water to kill destructive small organisms and various debris.

Home Keep your home clean and without bugs. Make sure there is no water logging in your home as it is a convenient place for mosquitoes and germs.

To stay solid and healthy, practice constantly.

Increase your nutrient C intake to enhance resistance against contaminants and infections.

Dry your feet when wet.

Use a groundbreaking bug repellent to repel mosquitoes.

Standard standard hands should wash your hands, especially when you are producing from the outside.

Diet: What to avoid?

While mango and watermelon are the best topical organic products, spend less on these natural products. Natural products like mango can cause stomach aches, pimples, and heat inside the body. Biological products like watermelons increase water management in the body, which gives your body a climb to grow.

Avoid greasy and greasy foods. Similarly, avoid heavy food, as it reduces water management and increases circulation pressure. This is in addition to maintaining a strategic distance to reduce skin sensitivity.

Street food, expect cheap food and roadside snacks are slow because these are the real cause of gastrointestinal problems.

Conclusion:  Here I give you all information about how to stay healthy in monsoon. If you learn that what to what food should avoid and what food should not avoid then you never gone ill. So read this all information and  add it in your life.

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