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Benefits of flax seeds:

by JCD Team
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flax seeds benefits

Nutritional powerhouse Flax seeds are highly health-protective and more beneficial for health. It is considered a superfood. Scientists are also considered it as a superfood as well. It is one of the oldest crops in the world. Flax seeds are of various types like brown, golden, etc. Flax seeds contain protein, fiber, omega – 3 fatty acids, etc. One tablespoon of flax seeds contains 7 gm of calorie, carbs, protein, fiber, saturated fat, total fat, vitamin, calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc. Benefits of flax seeds are as follows:

1. Full of Omega – 3 fats:

Flax seeds are full of nutrients. For vegetarian who doesn’t eat fish they can eat flax seeds. It contains Omega – 3 acids which is useful for our body. Flax seeds are full of Alpha-linolenic acid, which is most necessary for our body. ALA also decreases the risk factor of stroke and 14% reduce the heart disease of a human body.

2. High source of Lignans:

Lignans are plant compounds which are full of antioxidants and estrogen properties. Lignans can help the lower risk of cancer disease. It can also help to improve your health condition. Flax seeds has 800 gm more Lignans than other. Flax seeds may reduce the risk of breast cancer also. One study have found that if a men consumes 30gms of flax seeds his prostate cancer percentage will be low up to 15%.

3. Full of Dietary Fiber:

One table spoon flax seeds contain 3 gm of fiber, it is recommended for 8-12 % for men and women. It contains two types of fiber: Soluble dietary fiber and insoluble dietary fiber.

4. Improve Cholesterol:

Flax seeds reduce our cholesterol level. One study has proved that people who are suffereing from high cholesterol, if they take 3 table spoon of flax seeds regularly their cholesterol level will be lower automatically.

Another report says that those people who are suffereing from diabetes, they took 1 table spoon of flax seeds daily it will reduce HDL cholesterol level up to 12 %.

5. Low Blood Pressure:

A Canadian study has proved that people who are suffereing from high blood pressure they are taking 30 gm of flax seeds for six months daily. It shows a great result on it. It shows 10% reduction of stroke and 7% reduction on high blood pressure.

6. High quality protein:

Flax seeds are full of protein (plant- based). These are full of amino acid, aspartic, glutamic acid.  It also prevents tumours, cholesterol function, and also anti-fungal properties, etc.

7. Blood Sugar:

Flax seeds also helps to control the blood sugar level of our body. Flax seeds oil contains fiber which helps to reduce blood sugar level of our body.

8. Weight Control:

Sometimes these seeds may help to reduce our weight loss also. It has the power to feel your empty stomach full and it is a healthy diet.

Conclusion: Flax seeds are more beneficial to all people. In this article we have discussed about some of those benefits.   

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