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Benefits of Chia Seeds:

by JCD Team
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benefits of Chia seeds

Chia means strength. Chia seeds are inorganic but they are raw. Exactly look like flax seeds that are full in Omega-3 fatty acids and also high antioxidants. Sometimes it is used in cooking also. If you want to find the healthiest food Chia seeds are one among them. It is very nutritious food which can help to grow your body and also the brain. Some benefits of Chia Seeds are as follows:

Contains less Calorie:

Chia seeds look like black seeds. From the plant Salvia hispanica sometimes it is related to mint.  It provides sustainable energy to your body. Today it becomes modern food for strength in our diet food chart. These seeds also contain fiber, fat, protein, Manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, etc.  it also contains Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B2. Plus these seeds are free of gluten naturally.

Full of Antioxidants:

Chia seeds are full of antioxidants but they can prevent all of those sensitive fats. Some researchers have proved that antioxidants help in our positive health issues. Anti-oxidants in our body create a restriction to produce free radicals which can damage or cell and resist our body to produce cancer cell also.  

Full of Nutrients:

Chia seeds are full of fiber nutrients. Basically it contains 12 gm of carbohydrates. Among that 12 gm of carbohydrates 11gm are of fiber. This fiber doesn’t help to grow up your blood sugar level. Chia seeds basically belong to low-carbohydrate family.  It is highly soluble in water, these seeds can absorb water 12 times of their weight.

Contains high quality of Protein:

It contains high quality of protein. From some research, it has been found that Chia seeds contain 14% of protein, which is high compared to many plants. They also contain essential amino acids, so that your body should be able to use those proteins. Protein is so beneficial for our health. These seeds are best for protein sources, especially important for those people who don’t eat animal protein.

Helps to weight loss:

It helps your weight loss also. Though it is soluble in water and due to fiber in nature it can expand in your stomach. As a result, it can fulfill your stomach for a long time. In several studies, it is proved that Chia seeds contain fiber glucomannan, which can lead us to weight loss also. After eating these seeds it can reduce the food intake capacity of the stomach.

Improves heart health:

Chia Seeds helps to reduce the risk factor of heart disease. Though it contains fatty acid (Omega 3) it can improve your health condition. It can also reduce your blood pressure level. It is also helpful for making our bone health strong.

Conclusion: In this article, we have discussed the benefits of Chia seeds. These are highly nutritious food with protein, fiber, vitamins, etc all of these are helpful for our body. I hope this will help you in your future.

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