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Home remedies for hair loss:

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Hair loss is a big problem for all. Everyday hair is falling in our bed, pillow, towel everywhere. We often do some treatment along with parlor treatment. Sometimes it creates an effect on your scalp, it is also treated as skin disease. It may be a temporary or permanent issue. Hair loss issues may be a genetic problem or it can happen due to hormonal misbalance, illness, pollution, so much stress, iron level disorder, thyroid issue, etc. The hair loss issue is a common problem for all men and women. There are several home remedies for hair loss treatment, these are as follows:

Fenugreek Hair Pack:

When your parents and grandparents used this hair pack believe me this is the best treatment. Methi is the best ingredient for hair treatment issue. You are suffereing from this problem you can make this pack at your home also. Soak the fenugreek overnight in a bowl after that you grind it and apply it on your scalp.

Coconut Spa treatment:

Coconut hair oil is best remedies for hair growth solution. If you are facing hair thinning problem just apply coconut milk on your scalp by using a hair brush. After applying it you wrap your hair with a towel for 15-20 minutes and wash it with fresh water.

Egg Hair pack:

Egg is a best solution for hair growth and it increases the volume of a hair. It can also smooth your harsh hair. It is an excellent remedy for hair fall treatment. It contains protein, sulphur, phosphorous, etc.  You can make a pack at your home also. Mix white egg with two teaspoon olive oil and with honey. Apply it on your scalp and rinse it with cool water. Egg is a best nutritious remedy for your hair.

Neem hair pack:

Neem is a best ingredient for removing fungal infection or dandruff from your hair. Dandruff also can cause hair fall issues. Boil 3,4 Neem at a saucepan and mix onion juice with it. Apply this on your scalp for 2, 3 times in a week. This will give you the best result. Onion helps to regrowth your hair.  

Apply green tea:

We all know about the benefits of green tea. Green tea maintains the metabolism rate of your body with that green tea helps to your hair problem issue also. Mix green tea of 3 bags with hot water after it becomes cool apply it gently on your scalp. Green tea works as a shampoo to clean your hair as well.

Amla Pack:

Amla is full of Vitamin C. One of the best hair treatment remedy is amla. Take amla powder mix it with lime juice and you can apply it on your scalp. Aura Vedic amla juice is also you can use.

Alovera hair pack:

No other remedies can beat the benefits of Alovera. Alovera also helps to grow your hair. You can apply the Alovera gel on your scalp it can help to grow your hair or if your hair is dry this will be the best solution for all.

Conclusion: Hair fall is a major issue for all. Hair is the actual beauty of all people from men to women. If anybody suffering from hair fall this can make you stress and a lot of tension. So to control hair fall issue go through the above mention home remedies, it will help you.

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