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Healthy Foods that are High In Potassium

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Potassium is an important nutrient that is required by the body for various purposes. Those who consume adequate amount of potassium have lesser risk of getting strokes and heart diseases. Apart from these, potassium has a plenty of health benefits as well. Here are some of the healthy foods that are high in potassium level

Potatoes & Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes and potatoes consist of high amount of potassium. A sweet potato of large size can provide you 18% of the RDI while a large potato provides 34%

White Beans

Beans contain a lot of essential nutrients like protein, fiber, potassium, minerals and vitamin. White beans contain high concentration of potassium.


Another excellent source of potassium are beets. You can add beets in your salad or any dish. Nitrate and anti-oxidants are also present in beans.


Spinach is an extremely nutritious vegetable with a plenty of health benefits. It consists of high amount of potassium and other important nutrients like minerals, vitamins & more

Tomato & tomato products

Tomato and tomato products like juice, sauce contain high amount of potassium. These are also geat source of vitamins, minerals and plant compounds.


Banana is one of the healthiest foods in nature. They contain a good amount of potassium and contain other nutrients like Vitamins, Fiber, anti-oxidants, folate and many more.


Oranges and orange drinks are tasty and act as a energy booster. They contain high levels of Vitamin C and potassium. Oranges are also rich in anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins


This creamy and delicious food is everyone’s favourite. High amount of potassium, calcium and riboflavin are present in Yogurt. It is also beneficial for gut health, appetite control, and maintenance of weight


Salmon is another tasty food loaded with essential nutrients. Potassium, Vitamins, Minerals, Omega 3 fatty acids, protein etc. are present in salmon. Eating a fatty fish rich diet can improve your health and protects from heart disease.


Another great source of potassium is avocados. They are tasty and full of nutrition. Healthy fats, anti-oxidants and fiber are available in avocados

Coconut water

A glass of chilled coconut water during summer is a great refreshment to the mind and soul. It is extremely healthy in nature as it is packed with a high amount of electrolytes. Potassium is one of among those electrolytes


Parsnips is a vegetable having similarity to carrots. It is high in potassium and also contains folate and vitamin C.  The fiber present in this vegetable also helps in reducing the levels of cholesterol.

Conclusion: These are the best foods that are high in potassium. Make these foods a part of your regular diet to give your body enough amount of potassium

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