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Health Benefits of Egg

by JCD Team
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Most of us have a doubt regarding Eating egg. But it’s very beneficial for our health. Eating one egg keeps the doctor away or it can be two. Many researchers have found that Egg has different nutrition and its good for health, Even it is called one of the best nutritious food. You can eat eggs in various forms like Boiled, Omelet, Poached all these nutrition keeps your body healthy. There are many health benefits of Egg are there.

These are:

Egg has good Cholesterol:

It contains good cholesterol which is good for your heart. Many o us does not want to eat egg as for its high protein but it’s not effective for health. So you can eat an egg once in a day and keep your heart healthy. And a healthy heart can make you happier.

High in Protein:

Egg contains high protein and it is called the best nutrition food. If a person feels sick or has a weakness then doctor always recommends having an egg. Everyday morning breakfast with egg contains lots of health benefits. Its High protein helps the person to stay fit and healthy. Consuming Egg two times does not affect your health.

Good for eyes:

An egg is beneficial for the eyes. Most of our parents from growing age they start feeding children eggs to gt better vision from our childhood. And sometimes when we feel a problem in our eyes most of the doctors also ask to eat egg.Eff is really good food and most of us like to eat.

Brain Health Benefits:

Research says that Egg has multivitamin and high protein which is good for growing child and it keeps your brain active. The most important part of our body is the brain. So for doing work or keeping yourself active in every way our brain must work properly. Eating eggs can be beneficial for you. Docosahexaenoic acid helps in brain functioning.

Omega 3 Fatty acid:

Egg contains Omega 3 Fatty acid which is good for blood and for the heart. It has every vitamin but most importantly  Vitamin A, Calcium, vitamin D. Eggs are a natural source of vitamin and minerals which helps to stay fit. Egg yolk also has a high amount of protein, Iron, nutritions.

Egg is Filling meal:

Having an Egg during your breakfast or whenever you feel hungry is helpful. Because one egg removes your hunger for so long. Whether you eat during breakfast or lunch depends. You can eat by making an omelet or poach or even boiled depend on your taste.


These are the topmost health benefits which egg contains. If anyone wants to know about eggs benefit, then go through this content, and then you can consume. Overall I will say everyone must eat one egg per day.

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