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Top 11 ‘Health Foods’ That Aren’t Really Healthy

by JCD Team
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Every one tends to eat healthy foods for a healthy body and lifestyle. There are some foods  that seem healthy but in reality they are not as so healthy as people think. In this article, we have listed such to 11 Health Foods that are not really healthy


People think that granola is very healthy and depend on it for breakfast. But some brands of granola use sugar and processed oils. So limit your granola consumption and switch to healthy oats meal

Veggie Chips

Veggie chips are another food that might seem healthy but not so if consumed regularly. Some veggie chips also can contain veggie powder which gives a vibrant color to the chips. The content of sodium is also high in these chips

Flavored Yogurt

Yogurt is a great fruit for healthier gut and boosting immunity. But the flavored versions of yogurt too much amount of sugar. So avoid flavoured yogurt but you can eat normal yogurt prepared with low fat milk

Diet Soda

We think that diet soda is better than regular soda. Yes, it may be true, the calorie content of diet soda may be less. But it is not healthy. Artificial sweeteners are present in diet soda which can increase bad bacteria in the gut.

Sport Drinks

After a powerful workout, every one needs an energy drink that is a perfect recovery to the body. Some people switch to sport drinks thinking that they are effective.  But in reality, they contain high amount of sugar and calories similar to coke.


It is true that muffins are nothing but cup cakes. Even some muffins contain much more calories than cup cakes. Moreover, there is even corn syruos and soya bean oil in some muffins making it an unhealthier option

Microwave Popcorn

Pre-packaged micro wave popcorns contains chemicals and additives which make it one of the unhealthier options. If you want to have it in healthier way, you can have it on your stove and season with spices

Dried Fruit

Drying of fruits icreases the concentration of fructose in fruits. Moreover, some brands use a s7ugary coating on dry fruits. So dried fruits are not as much healthy as people think.

Canned Soups

Soups are a healthy and delicious option for all. But canned soups are not healthy as they contain high amount of sodium and preservatives. There are also added sugar and fats which makes it an unhealthy option

Protein Bars

People think that protein bars contain high amount of protein.  But actually they are nothing like candy bars consisting of too much sugar and protein. The content of carbohydrates are more in protein bars than protein

Packaged Fruit juice

Packaged fruit juices contain high amount of sugar, artificial color and preservatives. If you want to have healthy fruit juice, buy fresh fruits and make juice using a grinder or juice.

Conclusion: These are to 11 health foods that are not really healthy. If you want to follow a healthy lifestyle, stay away from these foods and switch to natural and homemade foods.

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