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11 Tips for Better Digestive Health

by JCD Team
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Digestion problem is one of the irritating problems in our body.  Some of its symptoms are bloating, stomach pain, belching, burning sensation in stomach, acidity, nausea, vomiting and many more. To get rid of this uncomfortable situation, we have listed 11 tips for better digestive health

Drink water

Drinking a plenty of water is an effective solution for treating digestive problems. Drink minimum 8-10 glasses of water daily for keeping your digestive tract clean and thus makes your digestion easier

Sit and eat your food

Always sit down, chew properly and eat your meal. Eating in a rush can lead to digestive problems. You must be in a relaxed position while eating food. This helps in good digestion.

Drink Lemon water

Every day after waking up in the morning, on an empty stomach drink a glass of warm lemon water. This will help in keeping your stomach and digestive tract clean making digestion easier

Eat foods rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin C is beneficial as it helps in the softening of stool and in easy eradication of the stool. Eat Vitamin C rich foods like Kiwi, Oranges, Broccoli, Strawberries, tomatoes, green peppers and others for a better digestion.

Add spices to your diet

Spices like coriander, Black pepper, Ginger not only add taste to our meals but also helps in better digestion. So add spices to your meal on a regular basis for a better taste and better digestion

Eat lean meats

Lean meats are a great option for easy digestion. If you are a non-vegetarian, eat lean meats instead of fatty meats

Exercise regularly

Doing exercise is very important for the overall improvement of the body including good digestion. Exercise helps in improving our body metabolism and improves the flow of blood

Add Probiotics in your diet

You can treat your digestive problems easily by eating probiotics. Yogurt is rich in probiotics. You can eat yogurt on a regular basis for a better digestion and also other health benefits

Avoid fatty foods

Eating too much of fatty foods can slow down the digestion. It may lead to constipation as well. You can add healthy fats in your diet.

Follow High Fiber Diet

High-fiber diet is very beneficial for the easy flow of food through the digestive tract. It can also treat several digestive problems. Some rich sources of fiber are fruits, vegetables, whole grains etc.

Manage Stress

Too much stress and anxiety can lead to many digestive problems. You can perform some stress boosting exercises, meditation, deep breathing or any other activities that you like to do.

Conclusion: If you are facing digestive issues, follow these above-mentioned tips on a regular basis. Yoy will effective results within few days

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